Territory The Majeerteen are traditionally King Sanweyne

Territory The Majeerteen are traditionally settled in Somalia’s northern regions of Bari, Nugal and Mudug.[4] They can also be found in Kismayo in southern Somalia along with their fellow members of the larger Harti subclan, the Dhulbahante, Dishiishe and Warsangeli. The Majeerteen are traditionally settled in the land in-between Bandar Siyada an ancient port town facing the Gulf of Aden, and Garacad a coastal port town, facing the Indian Ocean and all the land in between which corresponds to the area encompassing the Horn of Africa.[5] Therefore, the Majerteen are settled in what is literally considered to be ‘the Horn of Africa’. Some Majeerteen people are also found in the Somali Region internationally referred to Ogaden, specifically in the Hawd region near the Somalia border.[2] The Majeerteen are part of Darod subclans within Somalia.[5] The Majeerteen are more commonly found in the cities of Bosaso, Garowe and Galkacyo which are all regional capitals of Bari, Somalia, Nugal, Somalia and Mudug respectively. Majeerteen Kingdoms Main articles: the following century, under the reign of the resourceful King (BoqorIsmacail Ali saleban.[6] His Sultanate controlled Bari Karkaar, Nugaaal and also central Somalia in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The polity maintained a robust trading network, entered into treaties with foreign powers, and exerted strong centralized authority on the domestic front.[7][8]IsmailĀ  Ali’s Sultanate was nearly destroyed in the late-1800s by a power struggle between himself and his ambitious cousin,